Demonstrative Evidence using the Panoscan Camera System

  Assists Attorneys in combating the CSI Effect
    High Resolution Digital Panoramic Imaging brings the
    Jury to the Crime Scene
    Show the Jury with just one digital image instead of
    hundreds of photographs
    Present the Unexpected - Turn Jurors into Witnesses!

Forensic Training

    Customized Technical Accident Investigation
    (pre-requisite for Advanced Level)
    Customized Advanced Accident Investigation
    (pre-requisite for Reconstructionist)
    Forensic Mapping Utilizing a Total Station; Sokkia & Leica
  Crash & Crime Zone CAD Software
  Photgrammetry utilizing iWitness
    Panoscan System with Panometric Photogrammetry

Forensic Sales Provider

  Panoscan Mark III System with Panometric Photogrammetry Program
  Crash/Crime Zone by CAD Zone

Reconstruction Consultant

  Case Review
  Vehicle Inspection & Documentation
  Photography & Forensic Mapping
  Recommendations for Litigators
  Full Reconstruction

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Donald J. Schmalzbauer, Accident Reconstructionist, ACTAR #594
St. Paul / Minneapolis, Minnesota

One of the first Reconstructionists
One of the first in Forensic Mapping
One of the first in Forensic CAD Programs
One of the first in Crash Data Retrieval Systems
One of the first in Photogrammetry
One of the first in Panoscan Documentation







Private Schedule
Panoscan System & Panometric Photogrammetry
Limited Class Size

Forensic Reconstruction Services, LLC