Forensic Reconstruction Services is a dealer/distributor for the Panoscan Mark III system to police and fire departments, forensic and insurance investigators, and trial lawyers needing to combat the CSI effect. 

Panoscan is a custom camera manufactured in Van Nuys, California and is the world's fastest digital panoramic camera. Unlike virtual tours which contain stitched images, the Panoscan camera documents a scene with a single pass creating one image, with incomparable resolution, thus eliminating distortion at the stitch lines. This feature is unequalled for use in forensic documentation. 

Captured images with the Panoscan can be processed and then viewed with QuickTimeVR® in an Apple or Windows operating system. The high dynamic images allow a court room presentation that brings the jury to the crime scene.

Within the images produced by the Panoscan camera, the ability to take measurements is available with the Panometric™ software program.  An easy to use program, Panometric™ allows the user to select a single point from a high and low scanned image which creates a 3D coordinate point.

Measurements, obtained through the Panoscan System, allow forensic evidence to be measured and viewed with unparalleled accuracy. The final measurements have an accuracy rating to fractions of an inch at a 25 foot radius.  The measurements collected can be saved in a standard DXF format and used with other forensic CAD software. Forensic Reconstruction Services' preferred forensic CAD program is CrashZone & CrimeZone by CADZone of Beaverton, Oregon. 

The Panoscan Mark III system has proved invaluable in documenting officer incident shootings, tactical pre-planning, and safe schools. 

Why did we choose Panoscan over another European manufacturer?

  • - Panoscan's 3200 ISO versus 800 ISO     
  • - Panoscan's faster scan times
  • - Panoscan's compatibility with Leica Scan Station 2
  • - Panoscan's high torque motor
  • - Motor rotation capable with a HID light kit
  • - Motor rotation capable at any angle
  • - No excessive expensive propriety software process
  • - Made in the USA (no customs hassle)



This easy-to-use and affordable software program calculates measurements from photographs and digital camera images.  iWitness can use your department's consumer grade cameras to create 3D measurements.


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Photogrammetry in Accident Reconstruction & Crime Scene Documentation

Photogrammetry is a measurement technology in which the three-dimensional coordinates of points on an object are determined by measurements made in two or more photographic images taken from different positions. 

Sgt. Donald Schmalzbauer, while with the Minnesota State Patrol, began to research techniques to clear accident scenes more quickly and provide for police officer and public safety. He had already established an extensive forensic mapping program for the State's 55 reconstructionists. In 2001, he began his photogrammetry education through Mr. DeChant, of DeChant Consulting Services - DCS Inc, Forensic and Industrial Photogrammetry Specialists. 

As the Accident Reconstruction Coordinator for the Minnesota State Patrol, Schmalzbauer began to implement close-range photogrammetry using iWitness photogrammetry software. In discussion with the Captain of the Air Wing, aerial photography was incorporated into the program making Minnesota one of the first two states to utilize this procedure to quickly and accurately clear critical incidents.  

In 2006, Don Schmalzbauer was introduced to the Panometric photogrammetry program used in conjunction with the Panoscan Mark III digital scanning camera. This technology has the ability to obtain measurements from QuickTime virtual movies which were processed from actual crime scene images.